A water incident caused by a broken pipe, or a major flooding event can saturate carpeting and walls. Aside from the water damage, one of the biggest problems will be Mold. All that fungi require to grow is moisture, building materials for food, and indoor temperatures. Mold can grow in as little as 2-3 days. If the water leak is minimal the carpet may be saved through the services of a restoration company.

Mold occurs naturally in the outside environment and finds its way into homes, brought in on people and pets. It typically does not cause a major problem unless it has the optimal conditions to freely proliferate. The fungi are especially prolific in porous materials such as wallboard, wood, and cloth materials where it can sink it’s roots in and grow.

While most people simply dispose of waterlogged and contaminated carpeting, others choose to address the damage through home remedies that include vinegar and baking soda, bleach, or other anti-fungal formulas. The problem with those options is that they can remove the visual signs of mold, but they do not reach the roots for complete eradication.

That is where the services of a professional restoration company are invaluable. The professionals have access to industrial solutions and technologies that will dry the carpeting and treat it for mold contamination.

It is important to have the water removed as soon as possible. The longer the carpet is wet, the more opportunity the fungi have to multiply and the more difficult it will be to treat the Mold infestation. Waiting too long to call a restoration company reduces the likelihood of being able to treat the carpet effectively. If treatment is not possible, carpeting and building materials may have to be disposed of properly.

A Mold Assessor company will take samples, have a lab identify the exact type of mold that is present, and create a custom treatment plan. All contaminated areas will be sealed off to prevent the fungi from spreading and individuals receive a molder clearance report when services are completed.


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